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Video: Apparently, there are two schools of thought when it comes to washing your hands. There's the US CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) approved way, which we all do already. Which is wrong. And there's the WHO (World Health Organisation) method, which is better and cleaner and "microbiologically more effective". Which is right. The CDC way? Just rubbing your hands together. The WHO way? Well, it's something else.


The human hand is remarkably different from that of other primates, with shorter fingers, a smaller palm and a significantly stronger thumb; of course, the most notable feature of our hands is the ability of the thumb to perfectly and comfortably oppose (come into square contact at the tips) each finger of the same hand. While we can't know with 100 per cent certainty all the factors that led to the evolution of our hands, it would seem it all revolves around this perfect opposability, and the various advantages that provides in certain scenarios, that has dictated the length of each finger.


Yesterday, you were probably too busy gawking at Cupertino's precious new watch and giant smartphones to notice anything else that happened in the world of technology. There's no shame in that. But if you were paying attention to the 2014 Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco, you might have gotten a glimpse of a pretty intriguing tablet. Michael Dell himself walked out on stage to announce the device. Here's the scoop.


Our hands are a pretty major feat of evolution (opposable thumbs! dexterity!), and it's hard to artificially replicate everything they can do. Especially when it comes to super fine motor skills like picking up very flat, thin or small objects. As part of DARPA's ARM program, iRobot and collaborators at Harvard and Yale are working on versatile robot "hands" that can bear significant weight while also producing subtler gestures.


So, uh... cat bites are pretty bad, as it turns out. I was in the emergency room yesterday, after my sweet cat Franny sunk a tooth into the top of my left hand, causing it to swell up like a balloon. I'm now on a strong antibiotic and some strong painkillers, but it's still a baseball mitt-sized mit that hurts like hell in any position other than upright and can't be used. I'm typing with just my right hand, right now.


Hand models have it pretty good, don't they? Show up, hold something for a few hours, collect cheques, repeat. It's such a sweet gig, there's gotta be something wrong with them, right? Wait... they're all attractive, too? Well nuts.


This sushi-making robot, along with the Okonomiyaki robot and the omelet robot, aren't new, but they are featured in this NYT story about chef robots to get you up to speed on machine-prepared cuisine.


Hemmant Jha recently noticed something odd. Two fingers on his dominant hand are somehow more rigid and firm than any of the others. He suspects that years of two-finger scrolling on his MacBook Pro are the cause.