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Video: When I reviewed Nintendo’s Labo kits a few months ago, I was genuinely impressed that the company had managed to create playable accessories out of cardboard. However, a few months later they’re starting to show some wear and tear, and glue and tape can only go so far when it comes to repairing them. That’s why I love the idea of recreating the Labo toys using infinitely repairable LEGO.

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Have you ever come across a street entertainer who starts blowing a spectacle bubbles at the park or a festival, and all the kids immediately jump and squeal and lose their minds? And then you try to recreate the same scene at home for your children ... and fall short. Don’t worry — all is not doomed. You just need to get science on your side.

During its 15th flyby of Jupiter, NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured a rare image of a Jovian “brown barge”. It isn’t nearly as impressive or picturesque as the Great Red Spot, but this big brown splotch is yet another reminder of many complex atmospheric processes happening on our Solar System’s largest planet.

How do you know where anything is in space? Sure, you can say, “Oh, that star, it’s the one in the middle of the Big Dipper,” but that isn’t very useful in an era of incredible telescopes peeping at galaxies billions of light-years away. On 1 January 2019, scientists will adopt the newest, internationally standardised frame of reference to help locate things in space.

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About a hundred or so journalists, YouTubers and other tech media had just sat through about three hours of dense presentations. It was the middle of the Nvidia Editor's Day, which was essentially a day where various Nvidia executives break down the architecture of their upcoming graphics cards in exhausting detail.

It was gruelling, particularly if you're not a polymath. But when the crowd broke up a little, and we wandered into an adjacent room to mess with some tech demos in person, a couple of Australians started chatting about some of the techniques that the general gaming populace would start to see in the coming months.

And there's one technique in particular that could have a particular impact.

Wrangle up the right studies and you can make anything look deadly. Breakfast cereal — at least, the kind without cartoon mascots — might seem innocuous, and might be marketed as healthy, but that’s no reason to think that every naturally-flavoured bite isn’t speeding you towards the grave. Nothing, in this world, is above suspicion — not even tasteless health-store bran flakes.

It's iOS 12 launch day, which means that it's finally out of beta and onto your iPhone and iPad. It brings a slew of new features with it, including the ability to measure objects in Augmented Reality.

Unsurprisingly, people on the internet jumped on the dick jokes immediately. But be warned -- if you're going to use the Measure app to get a read on your dong, it may not be that accurate.

For a brief moment, back in the early 2010s, Path flourished. The more personal, more private social network was once reportedly valued at $US500 million, but after years of irrelevance, it’s shutting down next month. Path unequivocally failed, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we gave its original mission just one more try.