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We've been waiting to get our hands on real life jetpacks for almost a century now. And while you can't buy them at Costco yet, they seem to be one modest step closer to reality. Richard Browning, test pilot for the British tech company Gravity Industries and "real life Iron Man," just set the Guinness World Record for fastest flight.

No longer confined by the limitations of a printed book, the Guinness Book of World Records has infinitely expanded to include almost every kind of questionable achievement humanity can attempt. Even grabbing 244 friends, jumping off a bridge and swinging by a rope is enough to gain you pseudo-fame -- at least until 246 people try the same thing.

Video: Sometimes failure isn't always a bad thing. This 5.79m tall domino tower was only 10 layers away from officially becoming the second tallest in the world -- but then gravity claimed yet another victim. As heartbreaking it is to see all this hard work go to waste, it's also pretty cool to watch 241 layers of dominoes, some 3242 in total, come spectacularly crashing to the ground.