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Operators of the Dakota Access Pipeline filed a lawsuit against the environmental activist group Greenpeace on Tuesday that accuses the group of violating US federal racketeering laws. The suit outlines sweeping claims of collusion between Greenpeace and numerous other organisations and individuals. It paints a picture that wouldn't be out of place in an Alex Jones fever dream.


Greenpeace can get a little aggressive with its tactics. That doesn't mean that it's not fighting for a good cause! But after the organisation marched through the sacred Nazca Lines etched into the Peruvian desert for a climate protest, capturing it all on camera with a drone, you have to wonder what the hell they were thinking. Greenpeace isn't the best at thinking things through though.


The Rockaways in New York are in a state of emergency. They haven't had power in a week, and it doesn't appear to be coming back any time soon. Independently operated aid distribution centres have been popping up, helping people get the food and supplies they need. But given gas shortages, it's been hard to keep things up and running at night.


Earlier this morning, Greenpeace launched a full offensive against Apple's Cupertino headquarters. First, in the middle of the night, they projected messages onto the main façade of Infinite Loop. Later, they placed an Apple-branded pod right on the door, inside Apple's property.


When it comes to technology companies, Nintendo have one of the worst environmental records out there. They have owned the last placed slot on the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics for years now, and don't look like they're about to change. But what if they did? Mark over at Kotaku spoke to Casey Harrel from Greenpeace about exactly what Nintendo could do to make them seem a little more eco-friendly.


Those rainbow warriors/whiners/heroes/potheads/charlatans (pick whatever makes you tick) from Greenpeace have released their new Guide to Greener Electronics. There have been plenty of changes compared to last year, with many manufacturers going, but others going down. Nokia is now at the top, near the 7/10 mark, but Nintendo keeps crashing miserably at 1/10. What about Greenpeace's archenemy Apple? Despite their latest efforts, it keeps failing and drops to the 14th position. It seems they are not impressed by Apple's latest green ads:


Greenpeace is dead set on giving Apple and Steve Jobs an inferiority complex. With one hand, the environmental group patted Apple on the head after the unveiling of its redesigned MacBook aluminium notebooks. With the other hand, however, it managed to knock Apple down a peg or two for still not doing enough to save the environment. "Compared to where Apple was before Tuesday, its laptops are definitely better. That in and of itself is a good thing. But not all toxic pieces have been eliminated yet," said Casey Harrell, Greenpeace International's toxics campaigner. If Apple were a person, we imagine this is the point where he or she would run away, or go goth at the very least, because they'd "never be good enough" for Greenpeace.


Congratulations, Sony Ericsson, for winning what was ultimately a barely challenging competition to become the greenest electronics company around. Our favourite Swedish-Japanese conglomerate rose to the top of Greenpeace's Greener Electronics Guide by exceeding Energy Star requirements, making all its models PVC-free and banning the most harmful chemicals from phones launched since January 2008. Unfortunately, it was valedictorian in a class whose scores have plummeted all around.


We know that Greenpeace don't really like games consoles. We know that they don't care much for Nintendo too. But it looks like they now have a good reason to hate on the gaming consoles after they pulled the controllers apart and found toxic chemicals inside.

Although they recognised that each of the consoles had avoided or reduced certain individual hazardous materials, they still found traces of hazardous compounds like bromine and phthalates.

Disturbingly, some of the compounds in your Xbox 360 and PS3 are known to "interfere with sexual development in mammals: including humans and, especially, males." Which is surely going to become the number one excuse for gamers who don't have girlfriends.

While none of the toxic chemicals found inside your console is ever going to make you sick, it's not going to help the environment when you trash it for the next generation consoles.

Hit the link for the full report from Greenpeace.