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I recently acquired a brand spanking new GoPro Hero 8 to test on an upcoming trip to Ukraine. I'll also be using the time lapse to capture bread dough rising, because that's just who I am as a person.

During the setup phase I busted out the manual to learn how to insert the battery. Despite the instructions, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to work it out. According to the internet, I'm not the only one who has struggled. So I've made handy video to show you how simple it actually is.

Two years ago, GoPro took its first stab at a 360-degree action camera with the GoPro Fusion. It wasn’t a particularly good stab. It was bulky, it required two micro SD cards, and the footage was a royal pain to work with. In the intervening years, we’ve seen decent 360 cameras from the likes of Garmin, Insta360 and Rylo, but this sub-genre of action cam hasn’t really caught on. The $799.95 GoPro Max hopes to change this by putting a focus on enabling creativity.

GoPro has announced it's got some cool new products on the way, including the GoPro HERO8 Black, GoPro MAX as well as new Mods. It's dropped an extremely radical video to accompany the release in what is sure to inspire people to go out and do some cool shit. But for me, it just made me realise how boring the life I live is. Thanks.

Before a travel YouTuber named Rich Aloha went scuba diving at a waterfall in Tennessee, U.S.A. he filmed himself saying he planned on doing “treasure hunting” in the water, and he expected to possibly find a drone, iPhone, or GoPro. Instead, he found an SD card that may provide some closure for a family mourning the death of their son.

The new Osmo Action is so GoPro-like, it’s almost insulting. But calling DJI’s new action cam a GoPro clone ignores the innovative tweaks that set the Osmo Action apart. DJI has been creating solid cameras for its drones and gimbals for years. And while some of the features seem designed to compete with GoPro’s latest and greatest, the Osmo Action boasts at least one solid feature not found on any GoPro cameras—and one potentially disastrous design flaw.

GoPro, I have some bad news. Drone giant DJI just released a rugged new camera called the Osmo Action. It’s a lot like a GoPro—so much so that I thought it was a GoPro when my colleague handed it to me. The Osmo Action and the latest GoPro aren’t quite identical, but they’re so similar in size and design that it’s clear how hard DJI is biting GoPro’s style.

Many factors have contributed to GoPro’s financial woes in recent years, but it doesn’t help that the company’s userbase simply doesn’t have a solid reason to upgrade their cameras every year like they would a fancy smartphone. YouTube’s Imaginative Guy actually makes a stronger case for upgrading your action cam than GoPro does. Built-in video stabilisation? Nah, try turning the camera’s packaging into an adorable miniature aquarium.

Capturing great videos at night is a tricky business without throwing movement into the mix. Now use something like a GoPro and you're just asking for gloomy, blurry clips of indecipherable activity. SiOnyx wants to change that with its Aurora, an action camera with a "patented Ultra Low Light IR" sensor that can record even the darkest scenes as if they were shot in full-blown daylight.

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If you're keen on GoPros, but not their pricing, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than what The Good Guys is offering via its eBay store. For $279.20 (including coupon code), you can collect a shiny new GoPro Hero 5 from you local TGG — as long as there's stock, of course.

Watching a race from the sidelines is never as fun as being in the driver's seat, and with that obvious wisdom in mind, Mattel has partnered with GoPro to create a new camera-compatible Hot Wheels car that lets kids and grownups experience what it's like to careen down those iconic orange plastic tracks. It's also the only chance you'll probably ever have to race through a vertical loop without destroying your car.

It's been a wild ride for GoPro. It went from a niche camera company for surfers to a media behemoth that was printing money, and now to a company undergoing large-scale layoffs, and publicly considering selling itself. Oof. Rather than piling on, we decided to flash back to happier times. So, I went on Amazon and bought the very first GoPro Hero camera, to see where it all began.

Meeting the GoPro Fusion was like meeting my new adoptive child for the first time. I gently cradled the 360 camera, handle attached and swaddled in a soft protective case, with all the care of a new mother. Resolute in my responsibility to care for my new charge, I was determined that no harm would come to it.

By that afternoon, I was terrified of touching the $999.95 gadget again.