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Sean Astin is one of those actors you just have to love. Whether it was his turn as Mikey in The Goonies, Rudy in Rudy, Sam in The Lord of the Rings, or even Bob in Stranger Things 2, Astin’s kindness, determination and earnestness make him a true fan favourite.

Astin’s next project is out today. He’s the narrator of Dreamworks' The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants on Netflix, and we used that occasion to talk to the actor about some of his iconic fantasy properties of the past.

In the world of Ready Player One, pop culture homage is everything - sometimes to a fault, depending on who you talk to. But Warner Bros. is leaning into that with its marketing for the film. Case in point, the studio has recreated a collection of classic movie posters for the film, using the characters' avatars instead of the actors in the artwork.