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I'm glad to be back home in Sydney, but Yelp is one of the few things that I still miss from living in the States. The restaurant tips site morphed into a feature-packed, heavily trafficked business review app for phones — and seriously craps on anything we've got here: I'm looking at you Google Places and TrueLocal. So we're ripe for Yelp's picking as they team up with Telstra-Sensis-Yellow Pages to open doors in Oz.


Google's library of data is immense, sometimes dauntingly so. The new Google Places iPhone app is an elegant entry point into one particularly dark and disorganized fold of Google's mega-brain: their restaurant, bar, and venue listings.


The newest update for Android's Google Maps app offers a dedicated Places icon for location-based business searches. Places can be opened discretely from the app launcher, offering you the same information on neighbourhood establishments found via the browser-based version.