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Let's be real: It's been a pretty stressful year. The tragedies never seem end. Harambe was shot dead in front of children. David Bowie and Prince died unexpectedly. Oh yeah, and the US elected a screaming giant cheese wedge to be the next president. All of this bad news might want to make you just run away for a while. Now, there's an easier way to do it.


Have you taken a look at the terrain view in Google Maps recently? It's prettier than ever, with updated imagery from the USGS Landsat 8 satellite showing truer colours and more detail, with a new algorithm searching through a petabyte — 1000 terabytes, 1,000,000 gigabytes — of imaging data for cloud-free photos.


For as long as there has been graffiti, the hastily scribbled (or lovingly detailed) penis has taken pride of place on the alley walls, bathrooom stalls and not-quite-set concrete that surround our daily lives.

Six months after it was created, you can now view a contemporary example of what could possible be the oldest art tradition in the history of civilisation, from space. And it's all thanks to Google Earth, a southwest Sydney school oval and an unidentified artist. Not everyone is happy about it though.


Google Earth Pro, the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth service, is now free. Google sliced the price from $US400 a year, so this is a pretty solid deal. If you like to make 3D measurements or create HD videos of virtual trips around the world, I'd jump on this. You can download the software key directly from Google and start an online global journey.