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At approximately 11:38AM Cupertino time on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a cryptic message on Twitter reading only "?". It was quickly deleted.

Last week, a Chinese photo-editing app called Meitu blessed the world with its "Hand-Drawn" feature, which allows users to transform anyone they'd like into a soft, rosy-cheeked sweetie. It's the perfect tool to undermine your worst enemies, turning them into soft puddles of cuteness, or elevate your idols to a level of beauty previously unknown to mankind.

Mark Zuckerberg is considerably better at New Year's resolutions than you are -- last year, he built his own home AI, voiced by Morgan Freeman, and ran all over the world.

This year, Zuck's New Year's resolution is more noble, more selfless. He wants to get offline and immerse himself in the nitty-gritty land of IRL. The Facebook CEO plans to step outside his Silicon tower, Forrest Gump-ing around America, meeting with common folks like you and me. In a post Tuesday evening, the tech god wrote he wants to understand how we live, work and think about the future.

Picture this: you're at home, alone, and you suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to bellow into the abyss. Perhaps you've just formulated a take too spicy for the written word. Perhaps you're just mad about shit. You open up your Facebook app but right when you tap "LIVE" you catch sight of your face -- hideous, gnarled, cracked and broken. You swiftly close out of the app, burdened with a heavy sense of grief. Still burdened with that yearning to release your hot take, you begin to weep.

In the latest iOS 10 update, Apple added hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. The world of the emoji can be difficult to navigate, for sex-havers and virgins alike. Using the incorrect emoji in a message to one of your cooler friends or a potential new lover can leave you humiliated, looking like a fumbling nerd who can't even send a goddamn text right. So how do you use these new symbols to effortlessly and effectually convey who you are -- a person who has definitely had sex before -- through the medium of the iMessage?

Last year, the internet wondered how a dog might wear pants. We now have the answer, thanks to a dog found in Bellevue, Washington. The pup sported a green baseball sweater and pants on his hind legs.

On September 25, famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen departed from Twitter with a bang. Now it appears the Netscape founder never actually left. Even though Andreessen hasn't been tweeting himself, he's still engaging with the social media platform's worst feature -- other people's accounts. Gizmodo investigated Andreessen's recent "Likes" and damn, homeboy's been busy.

Legions of mysterious jelly-like creatures washed up on a California beach Monday and Tuesday, prompting speculation from locals. "Baby tremor monsters?" guessed a member of the Huntington Beach Community Facebook group. "Maybe the 'arse-blaster' version from "Tremors 3?" another member pondered. "Aliens sent here to sick our brains out and rule our world," someone else concluded.

It was the p***y election. It was the Weird Twitter election. It was the nasty election. It was the meme election. We memed like we never had before, the nasty women, the white supremacist Pepes, the "epic Twitter clap backs". In the primaries, the memes were lighthearted. We had Bernie vs. Hillary and Ted Cruz Is the Zodiac Killer. Once we transitioned into the general, the meme-ing ramped up, taking an increasingly sinister turn as America's future began to look more grim. We tried to distract ourselves with some Ken Bone, but even that quickly turned dark.