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Tablets are designed to be portable so you can take them around anywhere, but they're exceptionally useful in the house as well. There are a range of things you can do with an Android tablet from the comfort of your lounge room. Here are five ways you can use your Android tablet to make life easier without having to lift your butt off the couch.

These days, you probably spend more than a couple of hours per day browsing your favourite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Your smartphone's screen is way too small to make viewing videos and photos and your friend's ramblings easy, though, and a laptop is too big and clunky. A tablet is the perfect compromise, so we've rounded up our favourite big-screen tablet apps for social networking.

No matter how smart our TVs get, they can't compete with the experience of being able to tap and swipe to select what you want to watch. Seeing your favourite movies close up on a big, beautiful, bright tablet display is just about the best experience you'll get short of sitting back in a big-screen cinema. These are our top apps for watching streaming movies, TV and catch-up video on your Android tablet.

Tablets make great productivity tools when you need to get work done on the run -- but they also equally well suited to gaming. In recent years, the chipsets that power these games have come along in leaps and bounds, making it possible to enjoy console-level gaming in gorgeous 3D environments. Here are five of the best looking games to show off your new tablet with, ranging from sprawling fantasy RPGs to beautiful platformers.