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Hey, here's a final final video from Gizmodo Gallery, which is still on my mind. I wish it was a year round thing! But there's always Giz Gallery 2010.

Hey, people who couldn't make it to Giz Gallery: save your excuses. I don't want to hear them, you make me sick, you're a failure as a reader, etc etc etc. Nonetheless, we've got some video streams for you, coming live from inside our temporary monument to technology, gadgets and pancakes — one from the front.

The 103-inch Panasonic plasma TV is back at Giz Gallery, and as absolutely ginormongous as we remembered. But, uh, how exactly do you install a 400kg television?

Simple shelving? Cubby holes at some new, industrial elementary school complex? Designer firewood? All are good guesses, self, but none are really 100% correct.

Would you like to write a saga about a spaceship with a womanising captain, an awkward scientist/philosopher, a maniacal doctor, a drunk engineer, a voluptuous communications officer, a communist pilot and a gay helmsman? Well, this Macintosh 128 won't help.