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There's a crazy rumour about who could play Catwoman in Gotham City Sirens. Laura Dern teases her mysterious Star Wars: The Last Jedi character, Admiral Holdo. Don't expect Kevin Smith to direct Arrow any time soon. Plus, new clips from Star Wars Rebels and Karl Urban hopes for a Thor movie with a female lead. Spoiler Now!

Ridley Scott teases the focus of his next Alien movie. John Constantine is returning to live-action again. Gillian Anderson's X-Files future is up in the air. Riverdale has found its long-lost Cooper brother. Plus, more footage from Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Spoilers, away!

Today in the US, Fox and Marvel begin a new saga set in a TV-friendly offshoot of the X-Men universe with The Gifted, a show about a young family on the run from a government seeking to capture and control America's Mutant population. Not sure what's happening, who's who, and why no one's running around in Spandex yelling "To me, my X-Men!"? We're here to help.

Woody Harrelson continues to tease his Han Solo character. Supergirl talks about Cat Grant and Superman's return. A Star Wars legend could be coming to Rebels' final season. Plus, weird new pictures from Gotham, new peeks at Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman, and Riverdale has found its new Reggie. Spoilers!

Aquaman casts a big villain. Peter Capaldi discusses what sort of Doctor we can expect in his last season of Doctor Who. There's good news for The Magicians and Shadowhunters. Plus, snazzy new Defenders art, a new Justice League poster, and set footage from the next Mission: Impossible movie. Spoilers get!