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Do you or someone you love (or at least give enough of a damn about to buy a holiday gift for) want to explore this whole "smart home" idea without buying into a whole ecosystem? There are plenty of ways to get started, but these gadgets seamlessly integrate into your current, IQ-challenged abode. Best of all, they're pretty cheap.

Just because you've reached the age where you're paying off student loans and applying for mortgages doesn't mean your love of toys has to be abandoned. In fact, nowadays toymakers usually target adults as much as children, so there's no shame in asking for action figures, games, and other collectibles this holiday no matter how old you are -- especially if it's one of these.

Know someone who enjoys the stimulation of a good book? What about someone who enjoys stimulation of another sort? This holiday season, we have some great gift ideas to show your special someone that you appreciate both their mind and their body.

Shopping for other people is hard and gift-giving can be high pressure. But that doesn't mean science-fans need to settle for sad maths pun T-shirts (acute angles, indeed) or beaker mugs. Here are some scientific gifts anyone would gratefully use, even after the politeness-mandated holiday stretch.

Admit it, There's at least one person in your life who'd rather be out pedalling centuries than baking cookies and making nice with relatives. So why not ditch the annual hand-knit sweater, and make your cyclist truly happy this holiday season with some great new gear? Here are 10 excellent ideas to get you started.

There's a surprisingly large cross-over between girls and guys that like tech and girls and guys that like cars. And if you like both, you definitely like Christmas presents. Here are some geeky gadgets to put under the tree for your friend's or family member's -- or your own -- car.

Buying presents for geeks is hard. Books? No-one reads books, mum, they're on the Internet now. A nice pair of pants? No thanks. Target your present to the right demographic, though, and you'll be laughing. Here is some PC gaming gear that we'd love to find in our stocking come Christmas morning.