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We all know that frogs have one of nature's coolest methods of catching their prey -- blasting their tongue out and latching onto the victim. But we haven't fully understood how the process works. New research shows that frog saliva transforms in surprising ways and could be applied to making super adhesives.

In a breakthrough that will appeal to both spies and those who work with priceless but frail historical documents, researchers at MIT have developed a camera that uses terahertz radiation to peer at the text on pages of a book, without it having to be open.

Everyone assumes that self-driving cars will stick to the rules of the road as strictly as a teenager taking their driving test. But life is unpredictable, and often fast, evasive manoeuvres are needed to avoid an accident. To ensure they will perform just as reliably when they have to drive more aggressively, this RC truck is learning how to drift all by itself.