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Ever gone for a long bike ride in unfamiliar territory? Probably used your phone's GPS to help navigate, right? Convenient. However, that also makes running out of juice more than just a small annoyance. Siva Cycle's Atom might just solve that, and a host of other battery issues for the tech-bound biker.


It's estimated that in the US alone there's over 225,000km of train tracks criss-crossing the country. So a team of researchers from New York's Stony Brook University has developed a simple railside generator that's able to convert the vibrations from a passing train into usable electricity.


Swiss scientists designed a small blood-powered turbine that would fit in your arteries and power internal electronics like a pacemaker. Each turbine can produce 800 microwatts of energy which is far greater than the 10 microwatts used by a pacemaker.