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Check out JVC's Sound Garden concept: it's come leaping forth like a delighted lamb from the creative spring that is Tokyo's Design Week, and just like a newborn lamb finding its legs, it sure looks funny. An attempt at blending eco-friendliness with interesting design, it's a full hi-fi speaker system with bass-reflex ports and the whole deal, alongside little pot-like areas to insert plants. And it's all made of "eco-plastic," designed so you can connect together several of the elements to make a whole hive-like sculpture of audio and greenery. Did I point out it's weirdness? Oh I did. Thank goodness it's just a concept.


The RainwaterHOG is a design-y rainwater tank (yes, there is such a thing) that collects rain to re-use in the garden, give to your dog or fill up your Super Soaker without draining the mains. Most people don't save rainwater because they don't want a giant open bucket/mosquito-larvae farm on their porch. But now, you can store it away in a nice recyclable virgin polyethylene tank. Each HOG holds 178 litres, and they can be linked up like Lego.

AU: Obviously the US hasn't had to suffer through water restrictions like we have in Australia. Looks pretty good, although doubt we'll see it in Oz...


Effective over up to an acre of land, this battery-powered garden gadget allows you to commit mass mosquito-cide using a tank of propane. Silent and odourless, the trap emits octenol (something that mozzies find sexy, aspazzarently) to lure the beasties close to the machine. Once there, a vacuum gathers them into the "removable catch basin", or death pan, as I like to call it, where they are dehydrated, giving you the potential to serve mosquito, midge, black-fly and sand-fly biltong at your barbecues. Cost is US$500, and the mosquito trap will run for up to three weeks on a 9kg propane tank.


One Mega-Dynamizer robot, one lawnmower, one lawn. Result: "nice try: bring on Version 2.0" The video is from Sugiura-san, creator of the Mega Dynamizer and ROBO-ONE champion roboticist. And while the robot doesn't whizz about confidently like a Roomba for grass, probably doing a pretty patchy mow and taking that unfortunate tumble, it's pretty impressive for a first attempt. I can see the potential: I hate mowing the lawn, and any robotic assistance would be welcome. As long as it can also do some weeding, perhaps some leaf-raking, and that dangerous trailing cable goes in future versions. Notice the dog being calm?... probably the robot's slow progress makes it less exciting than Mario.