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About a hundred or so journalists, YouTubers and other tech media had just sat through about three hours of dense presentations. It was the middle of the Nvidia Editor's Day, which was essentially a day where various Nvidia executives break down the architecture of their upcoming graphics cards in exhausting detail.

It was gruelling, particularly if you're not a polymath. But when the crowd broke up a little, and we wandered into an adjacent room to mess with some tech demos in person, a couple of Australians started chatting about some of the techniques that the general gaming populace would start to see in the coming months.

And there's one technique in particular that could have a particular impact.

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For those of us who couldn't travel around the globe to get to Gamescom, Europe's biggest gaming convention, a way to still feel involved is to watch the action-packed trailers that have dropped as part of the event.

Here's every trailer from Gamescom 2018 (so far).