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Dear Gizmodo, my 15-year old son is bugging me to buy him a PlayStation 4 Pro console for his birthday - he's even willing to put half the money towards it. The thing is, he already owns a PlayStation 4 which still works fine. Is this upgrade necessary to play future PlayStation games or will it just be a waste of money?


Are you one of the people that didn't buy an Xbox One on launch, because something better was eventually coming around the corner? Well, here it is. The new, slimmer, more visually impressive version of the Xbox One will launch in Australia within a couple of weeks, and will be initially available only with a massive 2TB hard drive.


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This video shows the Wii streaming Netflix faster and prettier than the PS3, but it's not much faster, and the Wii can't support HD. Compared to Netflix on the Xbox 360, both implementations are downright pitiful.


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If Se├▒or Chen's impressions of PlayStation Move weren't enough, I beat the crap out of this gladiator dude with my bare hands (holding the glowy stickballs) and in a new demo, stretched Kratos's face like taffy. Mmm, taffy.


One year and - barely - nine months. That's what it has taken Apple to invade 19 per cent of the total US portable game market, while the PSP sunk from 20 per cent to 11 per cent, and the Nintendo dropped 5 per cent. And that's only revenue.


Microsoft Research Asia director Hsiao-Wuen Hon states the obvious: the company is already researching the "second version down the road". Natal, like the first Xbox, is a big investment, so it's unlikely that Microsoft would give up at one generation without giving it at least two, or maybe even three tries. So if the first Natal doesn't succeed, you've got another one to look forward to on the next-gen Xbox. Hell, it probably will just ship with the console by default.