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Game of Thrones is a show where audiences always need to expect the unexpected. But sometimes, when you're expecting something crazy to happen, that means the show will surprise you by not doing anything crazy at all. And that's what the latest episode was: Not crazy in the slightest. Of course, "not crazy" on Game of Thrones still means that two people get brutally decapitated, minimum.

There was an inevitable sense of things falling into place on "The Broken Man." Sure, the seventh episode of the season is usually when Game of Thrones starts putting its endgame in motion, but there was an extra sense of finality to it, making it a gut-punch of an episode.

After last week's harrowing episode, you can't blame "Blood of My Blood" for wanting -- needing, even -- to take a step back. The flip side is that "Blood of My Blood" is a bit of a letdown. It's not bad, per se, and plots do get advanced. They're just not advanced very far, and in some cases, they're advanced in a way that makes them sort of baffling. Take, for instance, the strange cases of Margaery Tyrell and Arya Stark.

Cersei is angry. Danaerys is furious, although she's being regal as hell about it. In fact, it seems like most of the characters in "Oathbreaker" are angry, because they're fed up with the rules they're forced to live within. Add to that another immensely satisfying peek into Game of Thrones' past, courtesy of Bran, and you have another fantastic episode in a season that promises to be full of them.

Last night's Game of Thrones begins with the sightless gaze of Jon Snow, right where we left him last year. But the most striking moments of the episode -- including its final shocker -- involve the gazes of women, usually without any words at all. There weren't any dragons or zombies, and only a couple glimpses of a direwolf, but the main special effect last night was medium close-ups of women's shifting facial expressions.

Spoilers ahead...