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Up until now tablets have been almost exclusively LCD-based -- so while the Samsung Galaxy series of Smartphones are Flagship models for Samsung to show off its latest and greatest OLED displays and display technology, there haven't been any OLED tablets until now (except for a single 7.7 inch OLED model launched in 2012).


Some deals are definitely better than others, and this awesome deal on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is certainly one of the best we've seen this week. You can nab the Tab 2 10.1 from Shopping Express today for $299, down from $479. That's a sweet saving of $180.


Jin Soo Kim, a Samsung industrial designer, was called to the stand today by Samsung at Apple and Samsung's court battle and revealed this: the Galaxy Tab 10.1 project couldn't have ripped off the iPad because the Tab 10.1 project began in October 2009 (while the iPad was announced on January 27, 2010). Kim even went as far to show off an e-mail dated three weeks before the iPad's announcement that included a design very close to the Tab 10.1.


There are many, many accusations being tossed back and forth between Apple and Samsung. There have been for months, there will continue to be. But perhaps none of them has perfectly distilled the fight that the two mega-corporations are having quite like Samsung's chief product officer Kevin Packingham did in an interview today with Wired. It's a matter, you see, of rectangles.


We learned back in February that Virgin Australia would be trialling the Samsung Galaxy Tab as an in-flight entertainment option, and that only business class passengers would be in the first round of testing. But it turns out the trial is even more restricted than that: it's only running for a single week. Fortunately, there's better news ahead.