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Two years ago, I wrote one of the harshest reviews that has ever appeared on Gizmodo. It was for the LG G2, which was supposed to be the company's flagship Android phone for the year, but it was just bad. I wasn't shy about saying so. I was so unshy, in fact, that LG tried to get me fired for it.


Evolution is tedious work. It fashioned us out of primordial goo into the smartest species in the known universe. But that slow work of removing what sucks, fixing what's broken, and perfecting what's great takes time. The LG G4 follows in step, creating not the most exciting Android phone ever made -- but maybe the best.


At one time in their lives, these G4 towers were Apple's flagship workstations -- possibly cutting hundreds of hours of footage or editing thousands of photos. But today they're barely useful as paperweights and probably best suited as a pair of stylish supports for this Crunching Numbers coffee table.


In Steve Jobs's two stints at Apple, the company made some great products. Their most amazing products. But no one's perfect. Not even Steve Jobs. And Apple produced a few pieces of total crap during his reign. Here're the worst.


Time to put the old girl out to pasture. Though it's not from the Mouth of Steve, rumours are confirmed that Leopard won't support the following 800 MHz G4 systems: PowerBook G4 Titanium, PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, iMac G4, iBook G4 and eMac. If you were lucky enough to hold out for the 867MHz G4, you can run Leopard, but it probably won't be fun. Better off with a G5 or an Intel-based chipset.