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We're elbow-deep in the internet of things, and our home appliances, gawd love 'em, are just going to keep getting smarter. In an effort to streamline the cramped kitchens of bachelor/ette pads everywhere, Frog Design, in collaboration with GE, came up with a concept for the most intelligent damn hotplate you've ever seen.

EcoSwitch is a five piece set that is meant to take care of all your cooking needs. The base station uses induction heat tech, which makes for a flat, no-need-for-hot-coils-or-gas-flames surface. Each of the four vessels -- kettle, blender, slow cooker, and coffee maker -- comes embedded with an RFID tag, which is activated when it comes in contact with the plugged-in hub; then, a gadget-specific touchscreen sensor will appear and you can do your culinary thang.

I've never known the jukebox as anything but a beautiful relic of a musical past. For me, at least, the jukebox never existed to just play music. Instead, it did double duty: neat to have in a bar, clever, vintage, classic, ironic, hipsterish, whatever. I'm sure people who really used jukeboxes in the past didn't care about that, they just wanted to play a damn song for a nickel. And that's what the makers of the Virtuo Jukebox think people still want in a jukebox: to play music.

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The fantastic folks of ECOtality and Frog Design have partnered to show us how we'll charge our sleek electric vehicles in the future. Their design is called Blink and it looks almost as good as the cars it'll power.

Frog Design envisions what your Value Meal will look like in 2020 - ignoring my disappointment that the drink isn't the size of a large movie theatre popcorn bucket, I can appreciate seeing my heart attack in real time.

Hartmut Esslinger's Frog Design made WEGA/Sony's electronics fetish items, and then designed the "Snow White" language the Mac used. He's a design legend and an author. Here he tells us about the challenges of designing, then and now.