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Fox News will air Sean Hannity's interview with Julian Assange today — the Wikileaks founder who's currently hiding in Ecuador's embassy in London. Fox & Friends talked about the interview this morning, but if you take a look at the banner above, we're practically in a second Cold War.


It's no secret that Fox News doesn't believe in the "elaborate hoax" of climate change, but now it's not just a conspiracy between the world's scientists, it's actually being branded as a "superstition" within the scientific community that goes as far back as far as the Old Testament.


Over on Fox News' website, Shepard Smith gives us a tour of the the Fox News Deck's upgraded studio which inexplicably features a team of staffers in the background working at what appear to be gigantic tablets. According to Smith, those are actually "information specialists" frantically pawing away at what Fox calls BATS — or big area touchscreens (most likely Microsoft hardware running Windows 8) — that puts 55 inches of Twitter feeds and other news sources at their fingertips. What?