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What's the worst thing about owning a hot hatch? Probably the fact that when your mate (who owns an enormous V8 sedan) comes for a ride with you, they'll be underwhelmed by the relative purr that your car makes compared to theirs. Ford Australia has you covered with its new hatchbacks, which actually come with speaker kit designed to amplify the engine noise made by your diminutive sports hatch.


Lifehacker Australia was offered the opportunity to sit down for a chat with a couple of Ford executives and test drive the new 2011 Ford Focus last week. I was sent to get behind the wheel as the only member of the team with a full driver's licence. One week, 800km and $70 worth of diesel fuel later, I was reluctant to give the keys back purely because of all the awesome tech I'm about to show you.


If you're serious about shooting video with your DSLR, you might find yourself longing for a better way to get (and keep) things in focus. The $US400 Okii Systems USB Follow Focus lets you snap between four preset points of focus, in addition to controlling digital zoom, adjusting ISO, aperture and shutter speed, and starting and stopping shooting - pretty much a full remote setup without the dealing with a clunky computer.