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During Nokia World 2013, Flipboard announced it would be bringing its popular social news reader to the Windows ecosystem, starting with the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet (read our first impressions of the device here.) During the event, we chatted with Flipboard's CTO Eric Feng about some of the new features the company will be bringing to the Windows platform.


If you ever used Flipboard and wished there was a version just for porn, you're in luck. Faploid is what you have been waiting for. It's a service that will give you personalised pornos based on your particular tastes. No more scouring the net, what you like will come straight to you!


What do you do if you're a major celebrity with a bunch of tech endorsement contracts that don't quite line up with the advertising relationships implicit in the hit sitcom you've just signed up for? If you're Ashton Kutcher, you try to subtly plug them anyway.