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It doesn't matter how big or comfy your bed is, there's just something undeniably satisfying about falling asleep on the couch in your living room. So Unikia created a better couch pillow, with a two-piece Flip! cushion that should let you nap comfortably and not have to worry about waking up to a sore neck or joints.

Portable document scanners have existed for years, and you can even get models as small as a business card. The catch, however, is that you need to physically move the scanner across a document yourself, which often leads to mixed results. And that's why Doxie's new Flip is so wonderful; it's basically a tiny flatbed scanner (about the size of a tablet) that doesn't require you to move it at all.

When Cisco killed the Flip this week, they weren't just killing the name - they were killing a camcorder which was due to be announced the day after they canned it. The New York Times says the camcorder, called FlipLive, was capable of streaming video live to Twitter, Facebook or sending an email link to the video-cloud in realtime, over Wi-Fi. Sounds darn impressive, even if there are many apps that can do that already.

Overnight, Cisco quietly took a knife to the throat of its Flip Video business, killing off a company they paid $US590 million for just two years ago. But Cisco isn't the first company to spend a lot of money taking over a company only to get rid of it later. Here are our five favourites, including the Flip.

Taking your camera out on your outdoor adventures lets you share your feats with friends and look x-treme on the internet, but be sure your hardware's strapped in snug! - Flip's Video Action Tripod claims to do just that.

You can write your own tongue joke for this one: ageing rock dinosaur group KISS has added a KISS-branded Flip HD to its tour merchandise as it subjects the USA to just one more round of "Rock And Roll All Night" and "Detroit Rock City". At $US199, that's a lot more than the typical $US150 price for the Flip, but any suggestions that you could get much the same effect by printing some cheap knock-off stickers would probably not be well received by the KISS faithful. We look forward to the inevitable KISS Kinect.

Screwing a Flip camera into a baseball cap? Is that a strange, socially awkward thing to do? No way! Just look at these satisfied customers!