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Samsung announced the NX100 today, and while the new style (which is apparently designed to mimic a drop of dew forming on a leaf or something), may be what sell units, the much more impressive side of the camera is the i-Function lenses, which bring full manual control to the lens of the camera. The good news is that Samsung plan on bringing support for i-Function lenses to the NX10 as well.


Last night during the Australian media launch for the PlayStation Move, Aussie PlayStation boss man Michael Ephraim made a throwaway comment that 75 per cent of the current functionality of the PS3 has been added since launch through firmware updates. Kind of makes you wonder how they could charge a grand for it at launch.


We've all been there - you've set the DVR to record your favourite program via the EPG. The next day you sit down to watch it and about 5 minutes from the end, right at the moment of climax, the recording ends, because the networks couldn't care less about you and run their programs over time. Well, now the Foxtel iQ2 (but not the iQ) will let you extend the recording time up to 20 minutes after each program.


The Sony PSP just got the 5.03 firmware update, which improves stability somewhere, somehow. Enjoy the photo of Jessica Chobot licking a PSP, because it's 1AM here.