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There should be a sense of pride and revelry overtaking the nation of Brazil, where the World Cup starts today. Yet residents in cities across the country are protesting with transit strikes and tent occupations, hoping to draw attention to the extreme costs and unfinished facilities stunting the sluggish economy.


When you're one of the world's top footballers, there are a lot of perks. One of these perks is some extremely cool bespoke kit from the world's top sporting goods manufacturers. Made exclusively for Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar Jr., Nike's new Rebento sports bag has a supple leather upper, but a plastic base entirely 3D printed and integrated into the black and fluoro green nylon mesh.


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With the 2010 World Cup a distant memory, Japan has started preparations for its 2022 World Cup bid. Judging by what they're showing FIFA, it's going to be ridiculously futuristic. Like real-time holographic matches beamed across the world futuristic.