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Blending the best of the internet and free-to-air television, Fetch TV's new Mini and Mighty set-top boxes are Australia's killer tag team of home entertainment. These days Fetch TV is basically the closest we have to a Foxtel rival – letting you watch and record both free-to-air and streaming pay TV, as well as tap into a wide range of online content. If you're not keen on signing up for Foxtel's oft-maligned iQ3 recorder then a Fetch TV Mighty or Mini could earn pride of place in your lounge room.

iiNet has a long history of dropping prices on broadband plans while raising bundled data allowances, so it shouldn't really surprise us that the ISP has cut the price of its FetchTV offerings by up to a third. Although part of us can't help but wonder if it's a reaction to disappointing takeup...

Considering the whole premise of FetchTV is that it's connected to the Internet for content, it's amazing that it's taken the company this long to launch a mobile app that offers remote control to the PVR's key functions. Still, better late than never!

This week, IPTV service FetchTV is adding the YouTube on TV interface, making it simpler to browse YouTube videos via your TV set. That's just one of a host of new options FetchTV is planning over the next year, including a full HD channel, access to iView, iPhone and Android apps and lots of other goodies.

This could be interesting if you're an iiNet subscriber and seek a Foxtel alternative. The Fetch box can be returned obligation free -- just don't forget to do so within the trial period. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay and then get credited back for box rental (ugh), though having to pay for pay-per-view movies is fair enough.

FetchTV is available through a whole heap of ISPs already, but it seems as though the announcement today that Optus will offer FetchTV services is the most exciting one yet for the fledgling IPTV company. Because Optus are going to take this service mobile, baby.

Given TiVo’s staffing woes last year, we’re not quite sure what to make of these sales figures. I guess the good news for TiVo is that they obviously sold more than they expected during a difficult year for the company. According to TiVo’s latest figures, TiVo sales grew more than 29% in December 2010 under what was widely considered by economists to be a fairly lacklustre retail season.

Given it has the financial backing of the Seven Network and a brand name known around the world, you'd expect TiVo to be a huge hit here in Australia. But a report in The Register by Natalie Apostolou indicates that the TiVo's licensee here in Australia, Hybrid TV, has cut back the local office to just five staff and the company's in advanced talks to offload the product to IPTV rival FetchTV.

Nick gave you guys a pretty comprehensive look at what IPTV service FetchTV will include when it rolls out on iiNet and other carriers. But there was one question he didn't address: will the channel line-up eventually include adult content? Or to put it more bluntly: where's the porn?

Up until now, there have really only been two DVRs that offer both content to watch and video on demand content in Australia: The Foxtel iQ and TiVo. A company called FetchTV is bringing a third player into the mix, with a little bit of help from iiNet.