[image url="http://edge.alluremedia.com.au/m/g/2016/07/fetch_tv_1.jpg" caption="The Fetch TV Mighty and Mini (pictured) let you wrestle control of the broadcast schedule.
Image: Adam Turner" align="center" size="xlarge" licence="Supplied" nocrop="true"]

Blending the best of the internet and free-to-air television, Fetch TV's new Mini and Mighty set-top boxes are Australia's killer tag team of home entertainment. These days Fetch TV is basically the closest we have to a Foxtel rival – letting you watch and record both free-to-air and streaming pay TV, as well as tap into a wide range of online content. If you're not keen on signing up for Foxtel's oft-maligned iQ3 recorder then a Fetch TV Mighty or Mini could earn pride of place in your lounge room.