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Earlier today, an American Airlines plane with 170 people aboard caught fire at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Everyone was evacuated alive, though there are some minor injuries. But now a second plane, this one operated by FedEx, has exploded at the Ft Lauderdale airport in Florida.


One of the worst things about online shopping is dealing with actual delivery getting to your doorstep -- we've all dealt with couriers leaving little notes telling you to pick up your packages from the post office. From tomorrow, in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and the Gold Coast, Fedex will let its customers decide exactly where they want their online purchases delivered, and adjust the timing of deliveries so they can be around to accept their parcels.


Since the announcement of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was no secret, it was her campaign design that was the big reveal of the week. The giant blue H marched its way to the forefront of the breaking news, but at the centre of Clinton's logo is another, far more critical graphic element: The arrow.


FedEx driver Francisco Matute was having a normal Wednesday until four masked individuals stopped his truck at gunpoint. Then two of the men got into the truck and took 10 boxes full of Apple gear. They were FedEx employees too.


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Here's a video we captured of a FedEx guy "dropping off" a package at our home. Hopefully the packaging on your iPhone is protected enough that this doesn't happen to you.


Package-tracking sensors aren't super new, but Senseaware is one that's unique because it tracks multiple criteria - temperature, location, drops and light exposure - and updates those to the web constantly. Useful when you're transporting organs and not MP3 players.


Update: Wait, what's going on? Is Apple actually the one responsible for FedEx shipment delays? This is what we just got in our tipbox:

This is absolutely astonishing.

I'm on the phone right now with , Operations Manager at the San Jose Express delivery station, are claiming that Apple specifically requested that FedEx disregard the "Priority Overnight, delivery by 10:30am" service Apple shipped Leopard out under, and instead "DEC17" the Apple packages, which means to deliver them by 5pm instead of the contractually-obligated 10:30am time dictated by the Priority Overnight delivery requirements.