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As the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it approached last week and the entire internet devolved into a morass of Trump headlines, the Food and Drug Administration quietly put forth proposed regulations that could drastically impact whether genetically engineered food winds up on your dinner plate in the future.


As far as jobs enshrined at the top of America's impenetrable bureaucracy go, the head of the US Food and Drug Administration is pretty important. The chief of the FDA is responsible for setting the course of an organisation that oversees the safety and efficacy of a huge array of products that Americans use everyday, from makeup and mobile phones to food and drugs. In total, each year it oversees more than $US1 trillion ($1.3 trillion) in consumer goods.


EpiPen, the life-saving allergy product, is now a $US1 billion ($1.3 billion) a year business for Mylan, a drug company that's currently enduring a wave of bad publicity over the extraordinary surge in US EpiPen pricing. In 2007, an EpiPen in the US cost about $US57 ($75). Today that price has skyrocketed to over $US600 ($787) — all for about $1 worth of injectable medicine.