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They say the best camera is the one you have with you, but the same must go for tools. What's the point of filling a home workshop full of expensive equipment when it's all but useless when you walk out the door every morning? SOG's new multi-tool belt buckles are like having an always-accessible toolbox secretly holding up your pants.


Despite the added functionality that manufacturers keep trying to cram inside them, watches have always been, and will always be, a fashion accessory first. And that's why we're lusting over this new concept E Ink watch from Sony that can instantly change its design, but is also thinner than a credit card.


Be it for comedy, as an impromptu safety helmet or to stop government spy satellites from monitoring your thoughts, we've all worn a strainer on our heads at one time or another. But a strainer can be a genuine fashion accessory when it's designed to look exactly like a fancy bowler hat.


Featuring sneakers in movies is a fun way to blend fiction and reality and adds another layer of geekery to any film (what are those?). But the best movie sneakers either give them a personality of their own, like the Nike Mags in Back to the Future or the Reebok Alien Stompers in Aliens. Or they're just damn cool like the Space Jam Jordan XIs in Space Jam.