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Sometimes a story or idea goes viral because it's too big to be ignored. But more often it's because a single human being passes it along to an audience that's either massive, highly influential, or both. There aren't too many people who can do that.


The people at the Fark forums have run a Photoshop contest on HAL 9000, twisting the ominous red eye of the psychopath mainframe into all sorts of funny variations. From HAL 9000 to PAL 9000 to HEIL 9000 to the obligatory GLORY HAL, the resulting gallery is hilarious.


Drew Curtis has confirmed that Fark is indeed trying to trademark the NSFW (not safe for work) acronym with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. But he says that, although he can't comment on it yet, it's all a "prank." Then he added: "muhahaha." According to Drew, he didn't reply to the internet uproar against this application because he was a) on a trip without laptop charger and b) drunk most of the time. On completely unrelated news, industry analysts looking at that last part of his news point out that Drew Curtis may have secretly joined Gizmodo.


Drew Curtis and his company Fark, in their quest to rulzor teh internetz, filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to lay claim to the acronym NSFW. Seeing as we like to use the acronym to prevent employed and/or righetous gadget freaks from becoming enraged, we take an interest in the all-encompassing control they want over the term.According to the app, the trademark rights would cover all of the following.