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I stormed through the second season of Stranger Things during a nine-hour flight back from a social media-free holiday, so I wasn't around to see how people were reacting to the latest visit to the Upside Down. When I reached the seventh episode, "The Lost Sister", I remember thinking it was all right. Not the finest hour of television I'd ever seen, but it had some elements I genuinely liked, and I understood its place in the series. Lo and behold, once the internet was restored, the entire world was buzzing with how wrong I was about everything.

Game of Thrones is a show that was built on fan theories and Reddit forums. Sadly, there aren't a lot of mysteries left to solve, although a new one was one added in the season seven finale: Does the undead dragon Viserion breathe fire or ice? The season finale's director was quizzed on it; even Neil deGrasse Tyson has weighed in. But HBO is giving us some major mixed signals... the latest being a freaking coffee cup.

Game of Thrones, if you'll forgive the pun, changed the game on fan theories. The HBO show has inspired countless Reddit threads, discussion forums, and crazy homemade conspiracy walls decked out with pictures, names, and string in hopes of tying all the pieces together. Some of those theories have actually come true, most notably "R+L=J." However, others seem like they're too dumb to exist -- and yet here we are.

Ever since popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars character Captain Rex appeared in Star Wars Rebels sporting a lush white beard, some fans have clung to one simple theory: Rex was at the Battle of Endor. Steven Melching, writer on the show, got some of us excited yesterday with a tweet that seemed to confirm the theory. But sadly, that's not the case... at least, not yet.

Video: Everyone is gearing up for Monday's return of Game of Thrones, and one of the joys of the show is that there are all sorts of fan theories that can help us guess where the show is going in its final two seasons. Our latest video series examines the ones most likely to come into play in season seven. This first video looks at the legend of Azor Ahai, which could reveal who's destined to destroy the White Walkers.

Ever wonder what would happen if Daenerys orchestrated the Red Wedding, or if Arya Stark was the one who made the Mad King mad? Or, I don't know, if the secret ruler of the White Walkers was freaking Podrick Payne? One online generator lets you experiment with the coolest and wackiest Game of Thrones fan theories.

It has been the subject of fan theories for years - the little clues in Pixar films that allude to a bigger, connected universe the films all share.

Now Disney has confirmed the theory, posting a video showing Easter Eggs from the beloved animated movies.