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In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (aka Star Wars), C-3PO lays this self-deprecating confession on Luke Skywalker: “I’m not so good at telling stories.” Yet, two films later, he’s literally telling the story of Star Wars to a bunch of Ewoks. C-3PO might seem like a bumbling idiot, but here we show why he’s actually Star Wars’ greatest puppet master.

In our real-world cyberpunk dystopia, paper already feels a bit outmoded in a lot of life. It’s all screens, all the time. So it’s interesting to examine how sci-fi handles the classic writing surface. And in Star Trek, as it turns out, there’s a surprising amount of it.

Humans need food to survive. Many of the characters of the Star Wars universe, human or otherwise, are depicted eating for just that reason. Despite being mostly human, however, there is no clear way for Darth Vader to get sustenance to the part of his face that accepts food. This is, of course, a mystery easily solved.

One of the most persistent fan theories about the new Star Wars films is that Rey isn't the only Force sensitive in the main cast. Since the early promotional campaign for The Force Awakens muddied the waters on whether Finn or Rey was going to be the Force user (including, famously, showing Finn wielding Luke's lightsaber but not Rey), some fans have been wondering if the big twist of Finn's powers is still coming.

Game of Thrones, if you'll forgive the pun, changed the game on fan theories. The HBO show has inspired countless Reddit threads, discussion forums, and crazy homemade conspiracy walls decked out with pictures, names, and string in hopes of tying all the pieces together. Some of those theories have actually come true, most notably "R+L=J." However, others seem like they're too dumb to exist -- and yet here we are.

Wall-E is almost nine years old, so maybe it's time to re-evaluate the movie. Maybe it's not a morality tale about consumerism and the environment, with Wall-E as the example of purity. Because a new fan theory posits that the adorable robot is, in fact, Satan, and guys? It makes more sense than you'd expect.