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In recent years, Australia has been embroiled in an effort to cull kangaroos — this year alone, it's expected to kill over a million of them in an effort to protect endangered species in its grasslands. While the mass culling has sparked outrage among animals rights activists, waging war on its fauna is nothing new for Australia. In fact, Australia has been trying to subdue its animals for decades, and the most infamous historical attempt was an utter disaster.


Video: Cars, motorcycles, trucks, aeroplanes, mopeds, tanks, fighter jets, ships, trains, big rigs and so on. We've figured out that those are the vehicles that work out best for our purposes and our world and our needs. But we had a lot of missteps and weird arse experimental vehicles along the way. Here are eight crazy vehicles that once existed but have disappeared because they were, well, crazy.


Video: I'm a horrible person who always laughs when people fail in YouTube videos. This collection of fails made me laugh even harder because it's been perfectly edited to splice in Mario and Luigi from Nintendo as the evil invisible force who cause all these screw ups in real life.


Because my only experiences with live lobsters are when they're on display in tanks at restaurants or used for poses in photographs, I never knew how insanely quick they can be. And because I didn't know they had cat-like reflexes, I never knew how hilarious it is to watch people fail at catching them. Now I know.


Part of buying a fast car is showing off with it, so when this guy got onto a dyno tuning track to test the output of his Shelby GT500 Mustang, he thought he'd look really flash to everyone standing around with camera phones. Then this happened.


If you haven't been following EA's launch of the latest SimCity game, all you really need to know is that it has turned into a momumental fail of a launch. One of the worst in years. Mostly it's down to the always-on DRM, botched game recovery and the massive server queues. Under Australian Consumer Law, if a product is faulty you can get a refund with the manufacturer. EA has a strange policy that says you can't get refunds for digital copies of games obtained from its Origin service, but that all seems a little fishy. Mark over at Kotaku has done some digging about whether you can actually get a refund, and it's well-worth a read if you're a disgruntled Mayor.


Helmet? Check. Segway? Got it. Total dweeb status? Done and done. Under normal circumstances, it's hard to look at someone riding the personal transportation system without cracking up. But try watching a series of people falling off of Segways, and it's utterly impossible to keep a straight face.


In what can only be described as failure by DDoS, the inaugural Click Frenzy online sale event has all fallen in a screaming heap, as retailers struggle to keep up with the hordes of shoppers in search of bargains. What started as a well intentioned PR move has now paralysed the nation's online retailers. Who do I see to say I told you so?