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Our ragged group of survivors shifts nervously, ready to cut and run at the first sign of danger. A horde of zombies ambles slowly towards us, a distraction from the lone runners slipping around the sides to try and catch us off guard. "Hold the line!" someone shouts, but we all know that if it came to it, we'd turn on our fellow survivors if it helped us get out alive. This is Zedtown.


Every year Vivid gets bigger and better, adding more new attractions and cool tech. This year, Intel's making use of its RealSense 3D camera technology to make your face a part of Vivid Sydney. In case that's not enough to get you excited, Intel is also installing free charging points so you can keep your smartphone running for the duration of your night out. You're welcome.


Although Edward Snowden, controversial champion of individual freedom, is currently seeking asylum in Russia, he is set to speak at a number of events across Australian capitals later this year. In classic Snowden style he will of course not be appearing in person, but will be participating in the Australian speaking tour, An Evening With Edward Snowden, via video link.


When you think about it, bikes haven't changed a whole lot over the years. It's a chain attached to a rear wheel with a human atop on a seat, powering the whole contraption forward with their legs. We've tried to augment the analogue biking experience for years to get around our cities, but the future of cycling is digital. Here's how you'll ride safer, smarter and faster thanks to the futuristic tech coming to bikes of all shapes and sizes.


If you're holding out on buying an iPhone until the new one is out, mark Apple's just-announced September 12 event on your calendar. The Loop has posted the invitation and says the event will begin at 10am PDT (September 13, 3am AEST) at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.


There's a spirit of imagination that we all have as children. At a certain point, it can fade. But those dreams and aspirations never become less crucial to innovation, and that's why, last night, we brought together some of the greatest minds in science and technology in New York City to collectively remind ourselves how important it is to keep dreaming.


We've been inviting people to parties and attending other people's parties through Facebook for years and years and years. But only now are they finally easy to look at, thanks to a new calendar view.


Day one of Google's developer extravaganza brought us a few things we were expecting, like the latest iteration of Android. But it also brought us an orb-shaped media streamer made for Google Play, and Australian pricing and release dates for the Nexus 7 tablet. Here's a rundown of the top stories.


Google's annual I/O developer conference kcked off at 2.30am this morning, and Gizmodo liveblogged all the keynote news as it happened. Here's everything you need to know about the Nexus 7 tablet, Nexus Q entertainment PC, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and more — prices, specs, pictures and video!


With WWDC behind us and Microsoft's Surface tablet out of the bag, it's Google's turn to take the lid off. Tomorrow's annual I/O developer conference should offer a heaping buffet of new products and software developments. But let's start with the usual amuse-bouche: a crapload of rumours. So what might I/O bring this year?


Mass text invites end in chaos. Group emails are a pain in the arse and easy to forget. The Facebook Event is the cleanest, fastest way to corral everyone you want to be around in one central place, making directions, timing, and who's bringing the potato salad a matter of clicks. Odds are, a lot (if not all) of the people you want at your backyard rager are on Facebook — so let's do this thing without pissing anyone off.