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Magic Leap hasn't had much good news to announce in, well, pretty much ever. But maybe that's about to change? On Wednesday, the super-secretive, heavily funded mixed reality startup scrubbed its website of the eye-popping concept videos its known for. In their place, the company has uploaded a minimal redesign filled with Easter eggs apparently intended to remind us of the time the company gave the most bizarre TED talk in history.


Every time a TV show gets greenlit, it's a huge gamble. Networks stake millions of dollars on risky ideas, that need to bring back audiences week after week. Sometimes it pays off -- Lost and Game of Thrones cost a lot of money -- but sometimes it doesn't. Here are the 10 most expensive failed TV shows of all time.


The most important item in your outdoor wardrobe, hiking boots grant you the ability to traverse challenging terrain, work to keep your entire body comfortable and supported while carrying heavy loads and help regulate temperature and dryness. They're also a difficult purchase to get right, particularly if you're buying online. Here's how to do that.


Londoners! The luckiest amongst you will be treated to a bizarre new public event next week, hosted by culinary wunderkinder Bompas & Parr. On Friday, 14 March, before a live, paying audience, "food writer, pop-up chef and Sunday Times columnist Gizzi Erskine" will "swallow a medical grade pill-cam which will broadcast its footage live to video screens".


Apple has just sent out its last round of invites for the year, and it's as official as it gets: The iPad Mini is coming next week. Go ahead and mark off October 23 on your calendars. It should be quite a show.


Normally when journalists get an invite from a tech company like Samsung or Apple, it's cryptic. There are a few hints as to what we'll see when the event finally comes around that kick the rumour mill into high-gear. Not Asus, though. Asus has said that it's going to show everyone the Asus Padfone 2 in Taiwan and Italy come-October 16.