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Better suction, battery power and HEPA filters are all great features to look for in a vacuum. But who cares about any of those now that Eureka has created an upright vacuum that can automatically clean hairs and threads tangled around its spinning brush roll? Never having to reach in there with scissors is a fantastic innovation.

The age of the automobile started exactly 125 years ago yesterday when Gottlieb Daimler filed a patent for his revolutionary "riding car", a two-wheeled machine driven by an internal combustion engine.

The original clapper launched in 1986. It was a disaster. Because of shoddy engineering it started blowing up TVs, and Joseph Pedott ended up having the whole thing re-engineered. The rest is history. And a jingle!

Imagine putting years of time, effort and money into a life-changing invention that you think will bring you tons of money and fame while changing the world. Now what if your amazing invention ends up killing you instead?

No matter your age, there's a good chance that a View-Master was lying around either your bedroom or a friend's. The iconic red goggles are the perfect childhood diversion - cheap and briefly amusing. They also have a long history.

Nobody is entirely sure who first had the privilege of sitting on a toilet. Evidence of advanced plumbing systems in the ancient world abounds, but it's a strange, meandering path from antiquity to checking your inbox on the can.

There's not much better than a good infomercial - except maybe a really bad one. But these days there's no better innovation hotbed than basic cable paid programming. Here we separate product from pitchman, and celebrate the brains behind As-Seen-On-TV.

As invention has shifted from the singular genius to the corporate R&D lab, the notion of the true creator has become more slippery. For instance, who invented the Macintosh?

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Nathan Myhrvold explains why failure is an option at Intellectual Ventures - and it has to be for any inventor, really.