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Ready Player One was a very divisive book, and now it's a very divisive movie. We are no exception. While my colleagues Beth and Evan didn't care for it, I'm a fan of Ernest Cline's love letter to pop culture, although I fully admit it has problems. So I was excited that Steven Spielberg would helm the movie adaptation, though I knew the two would differ. What I didn't know was how much the film was going to challenge and recontextualise my feelings about the book.

The early reactions to Ready Player One after its screening at SXSW were mostly positive, but don't count ours among them. It isn't so much a movie about loving old video games and other cultural artifacts. It's about loving to love those things, which makes Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of the bestselling novel feel hollow despite - or maybe because of - the relentless pop culture references it throws at you.

Steven Spielberg's latest flick Ready Player One had its world premiere at SXSW yesterday, and many critics are in love with what they're calling a touching tribute to pop culture and nostalgia. However, there are those who see it less as a love letter and more as pandering to a very specific subset of fandom.

Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Ready Player One looks like it's going to be one of those movies we keep finding secrets and Easter eggs in years after its release. But it turns out one of the first has been hiding in the film's official logo since it was released a few weeks ago. Do you see it?