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Horizontally-opposed engines are often referred to as "boxer" engines because the motion of the pistons sort of resembles a boxer, punching. Really, though, if any engine should be named for a boxer, it's the other kind of opposed engine: the kind where the pistons actually "punch" right at each other. They're called opposed-piston engines, and they're fascinating.

One pedal driving is available in many battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, allowing drivers the option to brake to a complete stop without actually pressing on the brake pedal. The car's electric motors can use the regenerative braking power to great effect. Leave it to Engineering Explained to explain how this functionality works to make your EV commute a little easier.

As soon as your car leaves the factory and is properly broken in, it's probably cranking out the most power it will ever make in stock form. That's because, over time, certain components wear down; here's how that happens.