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Video: These days, magnetorheological dampers are nothing special; they're used in Mercedes and Porsche and other cars alongside more traditional air- and coil-based suspension systems, offering adjustable suspension damping and spring rates at the push of a button. But in the 1980s, electromagnetic suspension was weird, and new, and one of the world's best known audio companies had a crack at it.


This is going to be so cool. The US Navy commissioned an electromagnetic launcher for testing on the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier and the system will be much more efficient and smoother in launching planes in the future. It's the first time things have been shot off the ship without the old steam catapult system.


The air is thick with electromagnetic noise these days. AM radio waves, the electromagnetic hum of computers — it's invisible to us, but birds seem to detect them with their internal magnetic compass. A new study finds that electromagnetic noise disorients European robins, raising the intriguing and frightening possibility that our cities and their signals could be disrupting the annual bird migration.


In the future we may no longer need knives in the kitchen, at least not food prep knives. That is the idea behind the "Innnovative Laser Device for Cutting of Foodstuff" — entered by a Russian design student into this year's James Dyson Award competition for problem-solving inventions.