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The leading ride-share company may be eyeing an acquisition of one of two leaders in electric scooter rentals, according to a new report from the Information. In what the report said could amount to a "multibillion-dollar deal," Uber has reportedly launched discussions to buy either Bird or Lime.

Week one of San Francisco’s year-long electric scooter pilot program is reportedly already creating problems, both with the way they’re being operated and seemingly by the sheer fact that they now (legally) exist on its streets. Problems with the e-scooters just days into the program include illegal parking, devices left astray, and riders on footpaths, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Commuting is bullshit. Trains are bad and buses are worse, and riding a bike is Actual Hard Work. That's why electric bikes are convenient -- all the usefulness of a bicycle, with electric power to get you up hills. But that's cold comfort if you don't have anywhere to store your bike when you're in the office. Enter the URB-E, a compact electric scooter that folds up out of the way to hide under a desk, but that can also zip around the city without requiring any human effort.