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Throughout this year's US presidential campaign, journalists have focused, correctly, on the power of Facebook to shape, distort and ultimately control the news and information that inform and educate voters. They have written dozens of stories about the proliferating number of anonymous, low-rent websites that publish bombastic and clearly inaccurate stories designed to spread throughout Facebook's platform as quickly as possible. Because so many of those stories were so heavily slanted toward the Republican nominee, some of those very same journalists are now beginning to blame Facebook, rather than actual voters, for yesterday's earth-shaking election of Donald Trump.


Singer, dancer, icon and Trolls cast member Justin Timberlake participated in the great democratic experiment we call these United States of America yesterday, documenting his personal contribution in his hometown of Memphis. What the critically-acclaimed artist behind FutureSex/LoveSounds didn't realise, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter, is that Tennessee is one of the many states where photography inside a voting booth is illegal.


The 2016 US presidential election is getting more and more unhinged. We don't need to tell you that. It's getting to the candidates, too; Hillary Clinton says it makes her want to just unplug the internet. Either that, or watch a whole bunch of cat GIFs.


2016 Federal Election Day (AKA Democracy Sausage Day) is looming, and the toughest choice to make may very well be if you head to the polling booth with the best gourmet snags, or the sweet cake stall?

Twitter has made it a personal mission to help solve the dilemma, teaming up with Proxima to take the guesswork out of where to vote by tweeting you not only your local polling station, but which have your favourite election day treats.


The Australian Electoral Commission is having a bad few weeks. After being forced to recount the votes for Western Australian Senate seats, the AEC declared it had lost around 1400 ballot papers, opening up a Pandora's Box of problems including potential by-elections, recount demands and court cases. It's easy enough to say that this could all be solved with computers and fancy e-voting, but the Electoral Commissioner isn't so sure.


Coalition heavyweight and Shadow Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, today did a Google+ Hangout with journalists from Fairfax about various election issues. The first question is about the quality of the Coalition's fibre-to-the-node plan as it compares to other countries, and the conversation lasts for about an hour. Perfect for your train ride home if you need your daily dose of politics.


Media markets have rapidly evolved since the proliferation of the internet as a form of content distribution, and now that both major parties are advocating high-speed broadband in the lead-up to the 2013 Federal Election, old-world content providers like Foxtel must be quivering in their boots. Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has fired a warning shot for traditional broadcasters, saying that the Coalition's NBN plan should represent more of a concern than Labor's NBN for Pay TV providers.