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During Microsoft's post-briefing E3 demo showcase, we were shown the final production model of the Xbox One S. Not to be confused with the so-called "Project Scorpio", this is essentially the same console in a much smaller package. It also comes with some connectivity tweaks, a redesigned controller, 4K Blu-ray support and an integrated power supply. Here are the photos.

Microsoft's latest overhaul of Xbox Live will give gamers more control over who they play with -- as well as who they don't. The Cortana-powered Find A Group and Club modes will make it easier to find people who are a good "cultural" match. Whether you hate homophobic and racist trash talk or would prefer to only play with your gender, Xbox Live has you covered. In short, you'll soon be able to erase the gamers you don't want to interact with forever.

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E3 is intense. It is a veritable tsunami of video game news. If you need to take a breather and catch-up on everything you might have missed? This is the place. This is everything you need to know about E3 so far.

2016 marks 20 years since the guys from Alienware sold their first beige-box PC tower, and the company -- run by massive PC giant Dell -- is using this year's E3 conference to celebrate. Not only does Alienware have a demo of some (comparatively) ancient gaming PCs versus its latest and greatest, it's also a look back at a time when PC gaming was even less cool than it is now.

At Sony's E3 2016 press conference, the PS4-maker spilled the beans on when the PlayStation VR virtual reality headset will be out in retail stores for you to buy. We already knew it'd be October this year, but now we know which day.

In just a couple of months, Microsoft will be launching a new Xbox One console. No, not the suped-up Project Scorpio; that's coming in 2017. First up, we're getting the stop-gap Xbox One S which is essentially the same console in a much smaller package. To some, this hardware release might seem like a complete waste of time -- who's going to buy an Xbox One S when the Scorpio is just around the corner? Well, for starters it will be the first Xbox console ever to come without a brick-sized PSU. It also supports 4K Blu-rays, boasts a new and improved controller and is pretty cheap into the bargain.