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Corpse-freezing hasn’t exactly gone mainstream, but most people are now familiar with the concept: you lay out a ton of cash, sign some papers, and spend a couple post-death decades in a cutting-edge meat locker, calmly awaiting the conditions for your eventual revival. Over 300 cold, dead Americans — or dead, cold American brains, depending on which procedure they opted for (whole-body vs. brain-only) — can currently be found in storage facilities across the country. All of them took a gamble — one that was pretty cheap, metaphysically speaking: the worse case scenario here is just continued death.

Living creatures do amazing things. They grow toward the sun, build cities, lay eggs, and some even bone. But living things must die, and when they do, they tend to get smelly and mushy pretty quickly. But the moments after death, before decomposition, can be amazing in their own right. Scientists have just learned a bit more about this mysterious time by studying common worms.