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To say that Greg is a film buff is a massive understatement. Over the last seven years, Greg has collected tens of thousands of DVDs, Blu-Rays and CDs to add to his own personal library. The collection is so large that it now barely fits in his Cronulla unit. It's for this reason that Greg is looking to offload the huge collection to someone else for the paltry sum of $55,000. If you think that's a lot, you should hear how much he spent on it.


Laser's $99 Blu-Ray player certainly fits the company's general theme of offering tech products that might not be the shiniest or, indeed in this case the most fingerprint resistant, but in showing it off last week, company representatives did make one interesting claim for it — it offers region free capability for Blu-Ray playback.


Zediva is a streaming service that lets you watch new movie releases online. For $US2, the company sets aside the new DVD you'd like to see, along with a DVD player, reserved just for you. Your remote control? Your computer, tablet or Google TV. It's a cunning workaround to let you stream these new releases since technically, the physical DVD goes "out of circulation" for the time that you've borrowed it.


Digital piracy is a war with many sides, with each party standing firmly on their own side of a thick line in the sand. But a group of young Aussie filmmakers are hoping to blur those lines with the impending release of their upcoming horror film The Tunnel, which will launch simultaneously on DVD and on Bittorrent trackers around the world on May 19.