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Years ago, I mastered the art of playing Nintendo 3DS -- finding and holding my head in the perfect position to peer through the console's 3D parallax barrier display and drink in its stereoscopic worlds. I'm so proud of this skill that I even use it to inflate my ego: yes, I am the best at looking at screens. Yesterday, that ego was destroyed. I used Nintendo's New 3DS XL to play Super Smash Bros. on a train ride so nauseatingly bumpy that my talents were useless. And it worked perfectly anyhow.

In 2005, Nintendo released its new handheld, the Nintendo DS. The machine was a clean break from the Game Boy. But the difference wasn't just how players interacted with the portable, but how it opened up the flood gates for the inevitable boob touching.

On September 1 at approximately 8pm, 27-year-old Makoto Sekiguchi from Yokohama uploaded images of unrevealed characters in the new Pokémon game Pocket Monsters: Black & White via his mobile phone. He is now in police custody.

Thanks to nosediving DS sales, which fell from 11.7 million a year ago to 6.69 million this year, and slowing Wii sales, down from 5.75 million to 4.97 million over the last six months, and a strong yen, Nintendo's posted its first half-year loss in seven years. That's pretty crazy.

Nintendo has announced they're preparing for a little price-cutting in advance of the 3DS launch. Starting September 12, you'll be able to pick up a DSi for $US129 (down from $US149) and an XL for $US169 (formerly $US189).

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One year and - barely - nine months. That's what it has taken Apple to invade 19 per cent of the total US portable game market, while the PSP sunk from 20 per cent to 11 per cent, and the Nintendo dropped 5 per cent. And that's only revenue.