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Video: Those towering wind turbines that are slowly starting to cover countrysides around the world don't just show up overnight -- and they're definitely not dropped in place by a helicopter. They arrive on trucks in pieces -- staggeringly massive pieces -- that test the skills of drivers navigating roads not designed to accommodate 60m-long trailers.


When you're on the road, your phone can be the perfect companion -- as long as you've got it set up right. Here we'll explain everything you need to know about the hardware and the apps you can install to get a sweet and safe in-car system up and running, powered by your phone.


Driving around Manhattan can hardly be considered driving because there's so much damn traffic and construction and crazy taxis and people on the street. Most of the time you're "driving," you're actually just stopped or digging your car out of a pothole, or are constantly avoiding accidents or dodging human bodies. You're certainly not hitting 240 freaking green lights in a row. That would be impossible.


Since 2014, a 300km section of the Stuart Highway north of Alice Springs has had a "derestricted" speed limit. Basically, you could drive as fast as you like.

But that era is due to come to an end, with the Labor Party confirming it would reinstate a 130km/h speed limit on the road "as soon as possible".


Way back in 2008 BMW revealed an especially outlandish concept car called the GINA Light Visionary Model that traded metal body panels for a flexible lycra-like fabric wrapped around the vehicle. It wasn't exactly pretty, which makes it harder to understand why Puma would use it as inspiration for a new shoe.


The public plaza and bike lanes now found throughout New York City have affectionately become known to detractors as the "war on cars". But amazingly, a 1973 plan got very, very close to banning cars in Manhattan outright, thanks to a man known as "Gridlock Sam".


At the Code conference this evening, Elon Musk joined Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher onstage to talk about his varied and eclectic pursuits. And when the talk turned to autonomous vehicles, Musk was sure to share his opinions on what he perceives to be Tesla's biggest competition.


You're probably used to getting turn-by-turn directions to your next destination with Google Maps, but there's also a pretty-well-hidden Driving Mode just for... well, driving. It alerts you to traffic problems, directs you to nearby gas pumps and stores, and is useful for those times when you already know your route or don't even have a destination in mind.


Many of us have experienced prolonged stretches of driving where we're seemingly oblivious to our surroundings, and we're left dumbfounded that we didn't get into a serious accident. A new study suggests that a specific brain function protects us from these bouts of absent-minded driving -- but that it completely breaks down while texting.